ECONYL® is our most exciting innovation as an engineered plastics product made with post industrial reclaim (PIR). The ECONYL® process creates a "closed-loop system" of waste recovering by using our BCF yarn as our primary raw material for the finished product.  This "circle of life" for ECONYL® is what creates amazing benefits for the environment while maintaining high quality and performance. In fact, ECONYL® grades can match the mechanical and physical performance of similar commercial grades. Compare the properties for yourself. You will see that ECONYL® is the most environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution for your application. Aquafil also provides an ECONYL® "Co-Branding" option so you can create your own certified green product.



ECONYL® is the first product to pass the demanding
requirements for ULE sustainability certification!

Environmental Benefits of One Ton of ECONYL®

eco-water eco-organic eco-c02 eco-crudeoil

Water savings equivalent to the daily consumption of 75 people.

Reduction in organic waste equivalent to the amount produced by 500 people in a day.

Reduction in C02 emissions equivalent to the amount produced by a car over 20,000KM.

Crude Oil
Energy savings equivalent to the amount of energy needed to power 400 light bulbs for a week.

Commercial Grades Available


Base Resin

An unfilled post industrial grade Nylon 6 ideal for specialty compounding.

This grade is a stock product available with special pricing for truckload volumes.

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Primary Industrial Injection Molding Grades Available

The following are the primary industrial grades available for injection molding.

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PA6 PIR (Post Industrial Reclaim) Resin Grades Attributes
6 PIC Unfilled for Compounding
6FL Black Unfilled for Injection Molding
6ST1 Black Better Impact
6ST2 Black Good Impact
6G20FL Black Glass Fiber 20%
6G30FL Black Glass Fiber 30%
6G33FL Black
Glass Fiber 33%


PA66 PIR (Post Industrial Reclaim) Resin Grades Attributes
66FL Black Unfilled for Injection Molding
66FLST1 Black Better Impact
66FLST2 Black Good Impact
66G20FL Black Glass Fiber 20%
66G33FL Black Glass Fiber 33%